Why Should One Use The Wooden Cutlery?

This goes without saying that the wooden cutlery is one of the most sustainable cutleries and is far better than using the plastic cutlery and it is close to the roots of the human because in the beginning, there were no cutlery made from metal or plastic but only from the wood. Although, the reason why people moved to the silver cutlery is because these are much more durable than the wood and used plastic cutlery because these are cheap and are easy to be used as the disposable. But with the disadvantages of using the plastic ones for number of uses, the wooden cutlery is coming back. Although there are always two sides to the picture. There are pros and cons involved and, in this article, we will go through the benefits and feature of these.

Benefits of wooden cutlery:

Friendly for the environment:

There is no doubt that wood is closed to the nature and therefore, the wood cutlery is better for the environment and not only makes it green but is also more economical.


Wood keeps the bacteria and germs off and unlike the silverware these are not as sharp and thus save to use as forks and to give to children specifically.


The wood has its own warmth and vintage look and one thing which can never get old. Many modern interior designs also make use of the wooden cutlery in nz on their dining tables and in kitchen because these provide the elegant look.

No guilt:

With the plastic cutlery, you are always in the guilt when disposing off these that these will be harmful for the planet in one way or another but with the wooden cutlery, there is not such thing because even if the wood you give away is not recycled, its degrading will not add any harmful element in the environment. Not only this but you could use these for your children toys, could utilize these in your garden as well.

Features of the wooden cutlery:

The wooden cutlery is strong unlike plastic disposal cups and plastic plates and cutlery which can easily break if not handled properly. The wooden cutlery is safely sharp which means that these are sharp enough to cut through the food but not dangerously sharp. There are full sets of spoons as well as forks and knives in it and these are made from the good quality wood and comes in variety of designs and could be customized as well for more personalized look. Wooden cutlery is not just used in the houses but these are used by the cafes, restaurants equally and even in offices and take out meals these are highly suitable. For further details visit here https://nicma.co.nz