Tips For Car Shipping

March 2, 2021
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The automobile industry is one of the top industries in the world. This is one of the industries that have global influence. As cars are manufactured in one region and being imported to another region of the world. Because many automobile brands emphasize opening regional factories. They prefer to have one or two factories in a certain region and then ship their automobiles to their target market. Not only new automobiles are made or shipped, whereas the nearly same number of used cars are imported in different countries. Especially if you are living in Australia, you have observed cars that have originated from Europe, Asia or America. Car import from the UK and America to Australia is very common.

It seems like the gigantic task of shipping a car from the USA to Australia, or the UK. There are many steps involved in this process and the cost of shipping a car from theUSA to Australia, have many factors. These factors affect the cost of shipping a car from usa to australia or the UK. Whenever you plan to ship a car from the USA or UK, importing cars from the UK, the following are the factors that you need to consider;

Custom Duty:

This is the most important factor when comes to uk car importers. The custom duties can vary region wise. For example, importing cars from the UK to Australia may have different import duty from the USA. Even the model, production year, engine size also impacts the rate of import duty. Before shipping a case from the USA or UK to Australia, and must assess the duties that need to be paid.

Shipping Line:

After custom duty, the other factor the effect the cost of shipping a car from the USA or UK to Australia, the shipping cost. The shipping line must be selected carefully because it not only adds the cost of carriage but also effects the shipment time. For example, the shipping line opts for a different sea route for the Same destination. For example, car shipping from the USA to Australia can have different shipping time, even from the same port of departure. The shipment time also affects the cost of shipping a car from the USA or the UK to Australia. While car shipping, one needs to consider the sea route that the shipping line will take as it will directly affect the cost and the time when you get the delivery.


Never ignore insurance, usually, the shipping companies are experienced in car shipping but you must have insurance. Because there is a slight chance that your car may get damaged while travelling in the ocean. Never leave this to chance, because you don’t want to get the expensive car imported in your country, then have to spend extra money on repairing it. If you are shipping a car from the USA or UK to Australia, in case of any damage, you can’t send that back. So, keep it insured to cover any abnormality.